How To Get The Most Out Of This Video Course

Firstly, if you have questions, you can post them in the Oil Painting With Ethan Facebook Group

Here's how to get the most out of the content in this course,

Although ideally I would suggest going through the entire course once from beginning to end, that would take quite a long time, so I suggest going section by section. Start with 1 section, watch all the videos in it and then take action for your own work using the information as your guide. For example: The first section is called "Your Painting Surface" containing 5 subsections with videos. Watch all of the videos in that section once and then go back over them (stopping and going back where needed) while you would be stretching and preparing your own canvas.

Note: sometimes videos may take a little while to load and start after you push the play button.

Your Painting Surface

Introduction To Canvas

Stretching Canvas

Making Sizing

Apply Your Liquid Sizing

Apply Your Jellied Sizing

Getting To Know Your Materials

Brushes & Knives

Cleaning Your Brushes

Your Colors

Mixing Colors

Making Your Own Paint

Preparing Your Canvas

Applying Acrylic Gesso

Applying An Oil Ground

Applying An Oil Ground, 2nd Layer

Mediums & Your Palette

About Painting Mediums

Using Store Bought Canvas

Tone Values

Introduction To Tone Values

Painting Tone Values Part 1

Painting Tone Values Part 2

Beginning The Painting Process

Building Up The Painting

More Examples of Building Up Your Painting